Stuart Calimport

Removing All Longevity Risk

BSc. MSc. DIC MA MPhil.

Alma Mater SENSImmunePath & Imperial College London


  • Recorded over 100K mindsets & risks
  • Launched $20M of challenge prizes  
  • First word was 'More'
  • Max. deadlift 215kg

Personal Informatics:

Quantified Self London
Quantified Self EU 2013
Beyond Humanism: The Posthuman 
Computational Intelligence 
London Futurists: Future of Self-Hacking

Ethics & Law:

The ethical validity of human enhancement
An analysis of the relationship between evolutionary theories and value

Regenerative Medicine:

The role of DNA methylation in aging, rejuvenation, and age-related disease

Mindset, strategy and planning in regenerative and prosthetic medicine for health and longevity grand challenges

Challenge Prizes:

Conquer Paralysis Now - Innocentive $20mil UK Prize Launch

Special requests for consultancy, advisory and partnerships may also be considered where aligned with removing all longevity risk.  

Email: stuart(.)calimport(@)gmail(.)com
Cell: +44(0)7754839540
Skype: Stuart.Calimport 

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