Stuart Calimport

BSc. MSc. DIC MA MPhil.
Co-founder of The Human Memome Project 
Previously SENS & ImmunePath


Create and implement the fastest path to maximally increase longevity for all


  • Recorded over 50,000 ideas
  • Launched $20mil of challenge prizes  
  • Open sourced thoughts
  • Open sourced personal    medical dataset 
  • First word was 'More'
  • Max. deadlift 215kg

Personal Informatics:

Quantified Self London
Quantified Self EU 2013
Beyond Humanism: The Posthuman 
Computational Intelligence 
London Futurists: Future of Self-Hacking

Ethics & Law:

The ethical validity of human enhancement
An analysis of the relationship between evolutionary theories and value

Regenerative Medicine:

The role of DNA methylation in aging, rejuvenation, and age-related disease

Mindset, strategy and planning in regenerative and prosthetic medicine for health and longevity grand challenges

Challenge Prizes:

Public Health & Longevity
Conquer Paralysis Now - Innocentive $20mil UK Prize Launch

Available for sponsorship, press inquiries, advisory and strategic positions. Special requests for consultancy and partnerships may also be considered.

Stuart is best reached through one of these methods:

Email: stuart(.)calimport(@)gmail(.)com
Cell: +44(0)7754839540
Skype: Stuart.Calimport 

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