Stuart Calimport

Cyborg Operative. Co-founder of Google Solve for X Moonshot The Human Memome Project 


Developing personal cybernetics processes and wearable loadout to increase performance conducive to longevity

Cybernetics & Metrics:
Critical path cybernetics, personal AI, asset metrics, speed metrics, idea cybernetics, biometrics, chronometrics, social metrics, loadouts, investment metrics, conversion metrics, longevity risks and longevity markers


  • Recorded over 50,000 ideas 
  • Open sourced ideas on IBM and Evernote
  • Open sourced partial genome
  • First word was 'More'
  • Max. deadlift 215kg


Adventures to find the most useful memes for health and wellbeing

Meme-Longevity Interactions

Text-data analytics to find socio-cultural predictors of longevity

Quantification of Post-human Development 

Spoken at:

Quantified Self London
Quantified Self EU 2013
Beyond Humanism: The Posthuman 
Future Human Salon
Computational Intelligence 
London Futurists: Future of Self-Hacking


Hack Humanity - Future Cities
Hack Humanity - Hack The Workplace
Hack Humanity - Leadership Hack
Available for speaking, press inquiries, advisory and entrepreneur-in-residence positions. Special requests for consultancy may also be considered.

Mobile: +44(0)7754839540
Skype: Stuart.Calimport 

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