Stuart Calimport

Co-founder of Google Solve for X Moonshot The Human Memome Project. Previously SENS & ImmunePath.


Developing personal cybernetics processes, assets, relationships and loadout to increase performance for longevity and prosperity

Finding and implementing fastest path to maximally increase longevity

Personal Cybernetics:
Fastest path to longevity and prosperity markers, risks and cybernetics. Personal AI, asset metrics, speed and rate metrics, idea cybernetics, longevity and prosperity biometrics, chronometrics, loadouts, investment metrics, heromics, enrolment metrics.


  • Recorded over 50,000 ideas 
  • Open sourced ideas on IBM and Evernote
  • Open sourced partial genome
  • First word was 'More'
  • Max. deadlift 215kg

Personal Cybernetics R&D:

Adventures to find the most useful memes for health and wellbeing

Meme-Longevity Interactions

Text-data analytics to find socio-cultural predictors of longevity

Quantification of Post-human Development 

My Story:

Quantified Self London
Quantified Self EU 2013
Beyond Humanism: The Posthuman 
Future Human Salon
Computational Intelligence 
London Futurists: Future of Self-Hacking


Hack Humanity - Future Cities
Hack Humanity - Hack The Workplace
Hack Humanity - Leadership Hack

My Stack:

Food Hourglass
Available for sponsorship, press inquiries, advisory and strategic positions. Special requests for consultancy and partnerships may also be considered.

Mobile: +44(0)7754839540
Skype: Stuart.Calimport 

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